• Psychiatric Evaluation—Comprehensive written report written by Doctor, focus on current mental condition and underlying diagnosis. Credit given if a treatment services contract is signed within 10 business days.
  • Treatment Evaluation—For Clients wishing to receive a written medical evaluation with treatment recommendation to share with personal physician or family members. Initial Intake, complete History & Physical with Medical Doctor, Biopsychosocial with Nurse, Psychiatric Evaluation by Doctor. No medications will be prescribed unless converted to treatment services contract. Credit given if a treatment services contract is signed within 10 business days.
  • Twenty-Week Individual Alcohol Therapy—Consists of individual counseling implementing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with nineteen individual therapy appointments, sixteen Doctor Medical Management appointments and thirty-eight group therapy sessions. Assessment by a Therapist, Acupuncturist, Nutritionist and Spiritualist.
  • Accelerated Alcohol Program—Patients are seen for two therapy appointments per week for ten weeks. Ten Doctor appointments. Additionally, there are thirty-eight group meetings and various alternative services.
  • Intensive 30 Day Individual or Couples Alcohol Therapy—Many people require an intensive program that will allow them to vacation at the same time they reduce alcohol consumption. Tailored for out of Towner’s, includes the following:

1). Five (5) days per week individual therapy and medical management appointments. Total of twenty (20).

2). Four (4) Doctor appointments.

3.) Variety of alternative services such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy, nutrition and group therapies.

4). Comprehensive lesson plans with daily preparation assignments.  Services such as detox with supervision, live in assistance, food allowance and/or ground transportation areavailable, those additional costs to be determined as needed.

  • Family Alcohol Therapy—Follows the individual therapy track. One patient is treated with all family members participating. A most effective modality when families are disrupted, children are acting out or marital troubles have become crucial.
  • Couples Alcohol Therapy—Couples therapy allows two people to seek treatment at the same time. Many couples who drink together find that reducing their consumption of alcohol at the same time can be more beneficial for themselves and their families. The first eight counseling sessions undertaken individually. At least four and as many seven may be done jointly. The curriculum is the same as for individual counseling.
  • Six Month Alcohol Aftercare Program with Group Therapy—Consists of six prescription services with Doctor, random drug screens, attendance at up to fifty-two group therapy sessions.
  • Annual Alcohol Aftercare Program with Individual Therapy—Consists of Twelve prescription services with the Doctor, random drug screens, attendance at up to fifty group therapy sessions, and twenty-four individual therapy sessions, six acupuncture appointments and various alternative services are available.

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